Revolutionizing App Testing with Intelligent Tools

Save time and get Mo' Quality for your apps with AI based testing.



Reduce Testing time by 50%

Don't spend weeks writing and maintaining tests. Our engine learns a test and performs compatibility testing across 500+ devices. For each new version, we perform regression testing.

Reduce Human Errors

Repetitive tasks are automated and work flawlessly every time. Computer Vision algorithms check for the finest differences.

Reduce Release Cycle

Get more agile with continuous testing with on demand testing on our device farm right from your command line.

AI Based Testing


Upload your App to start testing.


The robot explores the App just like a human.


The robot detects problems or bugs.

A snippet of the issues we can detect:

  1. Install and Launch
  2. Connectivity
  3. User Interface
  4. Performance
  5. Stability

Repeat on all selected devices.

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Our Story

  1. Had initial idea. Won 1st place at Georgia Tech startup competition & , bracket style competition on the idea alone.

  2. Performed a formal Customer discovery sponsored by the National Science Foundation’s . First version of Barista tool launched on Google Play store. Helped over 1000 developers build tests for their android app and decided to register company to have bigger impact.

  3. Awarded SBIR grant from to improve mobile app testing.

  4. Got accepted in the and signed up self-service and enterprise customers.
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